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My name is Raven, and I am an artist and writer based in Australia (Awabakal country). My work is heavily informed by life as an autistic person and nonbinary lesbian.My current art practice is predominantly fanart and digital illustration, but I am always trying to expand my practice. My nonfiction deals primarily with the role of online meme culture in shaping contemporary art. I am available for art commissions.


Illustration by Raven Byrne of a raven in flight, bearing a rainbow flag.

pride corvids

The Pride Corvids are an art and merchandise collection designed for crow-loving LGBTQIA+ folks that want to show pride in themselves and their flock.

nonfiction & writing

In 2020 I completed my Honours thesis on internet memes and their role in art history, which I intend to follow up with further research in similar topics.Cover image via Unsplash.


A hub for all my commission information, statuses of current orders, and past commissions.
Please read my terms of service before ordering a commission.

visual price list

All prices are listed in Australian dollars. Additional characters and complex backgrounds cost extra.


What will/won’t you draw?

Will DrawWon't Draw
- Anthros + androids + animals- Bigoted imagery
- NSFW art (18+ clients only)- Self harm and abuse
- Original characters (OCs)- Art for NFTs/NFT projects
- Fanart + most ships- Art for AI image generation
- Portraits + profile pictures- ‘Ships’ of real people*

What if I can’t order with Ko-Fi?
If you are unable to use the Ko-Fi order form for whatever reason, let me know. I can create an invoice for you to pay with PayPal or card, or via bank transfer in most countries.
What about large projects or commercial art?
Quotes for commissions not covered by my presets table (e.g. graphic design, work for commercial use, and animation) are calculated on a base rate of $27.50/hour. Please contact me by email or on social media for more information!

text price table

Half body$20$30$40$50$60+$20+$45+$70+$20
Full body$30$40$55$70$85+$30+$65+$90+$30

order tracker


$cost UNPAID





Note: I may ask you to sign a contract for some commissions, e.g. for commercial use.

Standard vs. Hourly Rates

  • For clarity, a standard commission is any character commission (e.g. fanart, original characters, and portraits) in my usual art style. A “character” refers to any person, anthropomorophic figure, or large animal (e.g. horse, dragon), fictional or otherwise. They’re charged on a flat rate, and the pricing table for can be found on the previous page.

  • If you are unable to order via Ko-Fi, or your request is not a standard commission, please contact me. I accept Stripe, PayPal, and bank transfers in most countries.

  • Work that can’t be charged on my standard table is considered a large project and/or industry work, and is charged at an hourly rate of $27.50 AUD.

  • For non Ko-Fi payments using my standard price table, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, and you will not receive the commission until the cost is paid in full. If your commission requires an hourly rate, a 50% deposit is required.


  • The time I take to complete a commission changes depending on external factors, but you can expect the completed commission within a couple of weeks if it is a standard illustration. If there is a deadline, please make me aware of it before or during the ordering process!

  • In order to complete your commission in a timely manner, I need to be able to contact you via social media and/or email. I can't be held responsible for delays if the client doesn't respond.

  • Once you are happy with the commission I will send the full-sized image(s) via email.


  • For standard commissions, I allow for revisions during the sketching process so I can make the artwork match your vision as accurately as possible, and minor changes to lineart and colour.

  • For commissions charged hourly, more substantial revisions are allowed as the cost is time-based.


  • Once the commission is paid for in full, you have it to keep for personal use (eg. posting on social media or printing onto something for your own use) as long as it is not used to promote sexism, racism, homophobia, or other hateful ideas.

  • If you plan on using my art commercially (e.g. on merchandise, or in a game or publication), you must discuss this with me beforehand. I may ask you to pay a licensing fee and agree to additional rules.

  • You must credit me as the artist for both personal and commercial use. This means tagging me if I am on the social media platform you're posting to, and if that's not applicable, providing a link to my website and/or my name (drawnbyraven or Raven Byrne).

  • I reserve the right to use the artwork online in portfolios, social media posts, and commission price sheets.

  • You do not have the right to mint any of my work as an NFT ("non-fungible token"), or to use my work for NFT or cryptocurrency-related projects, even if you commissioned it.

  • I do not consent to any of my work, including work commissioned by the client, being used to train AI ("Artificial Intelligence") image generators or being used in projects that involve AI art in any capacity.


  • NSFW ("not safe for work") mostly refers to art of a sexual nature, but may also include general nudity, gore, and common triggers.

  • I won't draw NSFW art for clients that are under the age of 18, and might do a background check to confirm your age.

  • I will not depict characters as under 18 in NSFW work, and have the right to deny your request if I am uncomfortable with drawing the given character/s in an explicit way.