My name is Raven, and I am an artist and writer based in Australia (Awabakal country). My work is heavily informed by life as an autistic person and nonbinary lesbian.My current art practice is predominantly fanart, but I am always looking to expand my artistic practice and subject matter. My nonfiction writing deals primarily with the role of online meme culture in shaping contemporary art.I am currently available for art commissions.


Illustration by Raven Byrne of a raven in flight, bearing a rainbow flag.

pride corvids

The Pride Corvids are an art and merchandise collection designed for crow-loving LGBTQIA+ folks that want to show pride in themselves and their flock.


In 2020 I completed my Honours thesis on internet memes and their role in art history, which I intend to follow up with further research, eventually including a PhD.Cover image via Unsplash.